Our Communication Systems Team is dedicated to providing excellence in the supply and support of high quality and sophisticated communication solutions to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

By offering this bespoke service solution from highly experienced industry professionals enables us to work in partnership with Companies that provide everything from subsea networks to residential home installations.

  • Comprehensive surveying
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Specialist support and network auditing
  • Planning, installing, and maintaining of telecommunication networks
  • Network upgrades
  • Installing, testing and commissioning fibre optics
  • Civil works associated with Network Construction
  • Complete Maintenance Service


Testing and Commissioning 

A strong, robust commissioning partner is essential to conclude the test and inspection paperwork at handover stage of the site into its operational stage. We ensure the installation is functioning as per the design specification via a comprehensive testing and inspection process.

When a job is done properly and by the right people, the result is something that always works.

Our in-depth knowledge of telecommunications enables us to select the right solution in the right site location to meet our clients’ objectives.

With our cutting-edge telecommunication infrastructure expertise and network support service our clients benefit from the expertise and experience MGC brings to the telecommunications industry.