MGC offers cost competitive, ‘end-to-end’ infrastructure solutions, from engineering and design, project management, civil works and construction through to operations and maintenance services.

We provide complete integrated solutions, or parts thereof, depending on our clients’ needs.

Our clients include asset owners, transmission and distribution managers, mining companies and land owners.

We deliver our work, manage our projects and fulfil our contracts using the skill and commitment of over 40 employees in WA.


Core Disciplines:

  • Engineering and design
  • Construction and installation
  • Management and service of assets
  • 24/7 operations
  • Maintenance
  • Integrated capital works
  • Project delivery

Signalling and Communications Services:

MGC has thirty years combined experience in the following fields:

Civil installation of railway signaling:

  • Pit & Pipe
  • Signal foundations
  • Solar foundations
  • Location foundations
  • Signaling equipment rooms
  • Track distribution boxes
  • Level crossing masts and bases
  • Communication towers and equipment rooms
  • Mechanical and electrical points installation

Electrical installation of railway signaling:

  • Cable installation
  • Cable termination to signaling diagrams
  • Solar installation
  • Pre-wire of locations and SER’s
  • Installation of track leads and bonding
  • Electrical install of railway crossing flashing lights and booms
  • Defect rectification

Fibre splicing and enclosures:

  • Fibre optic and ribbon fusion splicing
  • Tyco, Corning style enclosures
  • Coyote Dome Type closure for OPGW

Fibre commissioning, analysis and reports:

  • Insertion loss and link loss testing
  • Polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) testing
  • Chromatic dispersion testing
  • All associated workbooks and reporting systems

Testing and Commissioning 

A strong, robust commissioning partner is essential to conclude the test and inspection paperwork at handover stage of the site into its operational stage. We ensure the installation is functioning as per the design specification via a comprehensive testing and inspection process.

All our staff are experienced in mine rail activities as well as rail rules and laws outside of the mining industry.