Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

MGC Solutions has embraced Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) by embedding ESG into all facets of our operations and investment decisions. We create value for our business by driving innovation in the rail sector, expanding our value proposition, deepening relationships with our stakeholders, attracting and retaining top talent, and reducing our capital costs through ESG-related activities.

We focus on three core elements which includes Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Governance, Ethics & Compliance.

Environmental Stewardship

We stay ahead of our customer’s needs, while positively impacting the environment and addressing climate change risk.

Social Responsibility

We deepen relationships with our key stakeholders by investing in our employees and partnering with our customers, communities, investors, and suppliers.

Governance, Ethics & Compliance

We promote strong oversight, transparency, and risk management at all levels of our organisation, ensuring the resilience and long-term preservation of value for our business.

A greener rail initiative

MGC Solutions is passionate about making our rail works green. Embracing rail freight offers numerous benefits, from enhanced safety and reduced congestion to lower emissions.

Rail freight generates a staggering 16 times less carbon pollution than its road counterpart, while road freight incidents cost 14 times more than rail. Moreover, a standard freight train’s capacity to transport around 200 20ft containers equates to removing approximately 65 B-double trucks from the road. Join us in shaping a sustainable future through rail innovation!

Our focus and intent is to continue to investigate Net Zero Science Based Initiatives – this process utilises scientific methods and technology to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while striving to achieve a balance between emissions produced and those removed from the atmosphere, thus reducing environmental impact. We believe that government will drive industry, in time, in this direction. Put simply, you will not be able to just buy your Carbon Neutrality through offsets.

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